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The company has a complete assembly and testing production line from product design, mold manufacturing, precision injection molding, precision die casting, surface spraying and SMT mounting, which can provide customers with one-stop production and manufacturing services. Our products are mainly used in the fields of microwave communication and digital audio.


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Application of 3D display and micro projection technology in mobile phone

Display effect is the facade of mobile phones and other portable devices. It will have a direct impact on the communication between users and the digital world, and even determine the purchase intention of consumers. This is also why touch display technology will promote the sales of iPhones, and even cottage mobile phone manufacturers will try their best to tilt the limited cost to display devices. In addition to the basic requirements of energy consumption, reliability, withstand voltage and display quality, for smart phones, consumers have higher and higher requirements for more real and interesting display experience. These requirements promote the application of 3D display and micro projection technology in mobile phones. The former can bring more real experience for consumers, while the latter can solve the problem that the display screen of mobile phone is too small, and also can derive a lot of interesting and practical applications. At the 4th mobile handheld display technology conference held at the same time of the portable product innovation technology exhibition, Dr. Xu Liangfeng, director of Asia innovation system engineering of Nokia Beijing Research Institute, systematically expounded his views on the application of 3D display and micro projection technology in mobile phones, as well as Nokia's latest research progress in related fields. Adding TC layer to solve the problem of limited viewing angle and damaged resolution of 3D display The current three-dimensional display technology can be divided into four categories: stereoscopic glasses, automatic stereoscopic display, holography and three-dimensional display. The first two of them use parallax to give people 3D images The sense of display enables the left and right eyes of the observer to see images with parallax, thus deceiving the brain and making people feel 3D; holography does not use digital means, but the interference and diffraction of light waves. It can only generate static 3D optical scenes, and it also requires the viewing angle. The amount of 3D image information formed by holography is very large, so it is suitable for mobile phones and other tapes For the application of mobile devices with limited width, 3D display using holographic technology is not suitable; at present, volume 3D display technology can be roughly divided into scanning volume display and solid-state display. Due to the constraints of reliability and performance, volume 3D display technology has not yet reached the stage of large-scale commercial use. Comparatively speaking, the most widely used three-dimensional technology is the former two so-called "pseudo three-dimensional" technology. The first technology is the technology used in 3D movies such as avatar. In this kind of application, the observer wears special glasses and coordinates with the image on the screen through the glasses grating to produce a three-dimensional effect. In mobile phones and other portable applications, it is not convenient to wear glasses, so the grating is placed on the display screen, which is the so-called automatic split stereoscopic display technology. Comprehensive comparison shows that this technology is the most realistic choice of 3D display technology in mobile phone applications. Nintendo, LG and HTC have all launched products with automatic split stereoscopic display technology, namely naked eye 3D display application, but there are also some problems that seriously affect the user experience. For example, you must be in front of the display screen at a certain optimal angle to view the 3D display effect. If you move the position slightly, it will be seriously affected. However, in mobile applications, on the one hand, users are often in motion, and the content of other action games (such as racing) is constantly changing. If you have to enjoy 3D effects from a specific angle, it will obviously seriously affect the user's experience. Moreover, the abnormal frequent switching of 2D display effect and 3D display effect due to the perspective problem will even make consumers feel dizzy and other discomfort. In addition, the vast majority of such three-dimensional technology needs to halve the image resolution. Although the three-dimensional film like Avatar has adopted timing control technology to solve this problem, it still exists in many mobile terminal products. If we want to ensure the 3D effect of multi-user viewing, we will encounter more problems. Xu Liangfeng said that his team has done some exploration to solve these problems. The solution is to place a transmission unit (TC) layer made of special liquid crystal between the backlight and LCD, or directly put it on the LCD. After adding electric field to the TC layer, according to the characteristics of the liquid crystal itself, the liquid crystal cells in the TC layer will be reordered, so as to realize this special grating which can be controlled by electricity. For example, if the electric field is n
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